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Community – Corex Creative

We Understand That It Takes A Village...

The community has been the backbone of this collective, with continuous support and opportunities, Corex Creative wouldn’t be where it is today. We stand behind the understanding that all community organizations have powerful stories and messages to tell that shift narrative and make real change in various ways. We strongly believe that there is power when working alongside those who are passionate and work towards the upliftment of neighbourhoods through impactful storytelling. Community development is one of the core principles of Corex Creative. We are connected to the community, all that it entails, and will continuously work towards helping many grassroots organizations meet and surpass their potential. We understand that in the world we live in the cost of goods and services continue to skyrocket expeditiously, thus why we have the mandate to work with community organizations and are willing to work within their budget to bring forth quality content that best displays their true identity. Social responsibility plays a big role for us and we have not only provided opportunities for young creatives but we also make it a goal to have a young creative on each of our productions. Through our each-one-teach-one model, it has created a positive effect on aspiring creators, pushing them to believe in themselves and the talents they possess.